Steps To Choosing A Topic For Public Speaking At Your School

topic for public speaking

Figure out the specific topic that you would like to cover. Could be:

  • The value of being loved and supported by your family.
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with your parents.
  • Family values transferred to school and other extra-curriculum activities.
  • An inspiring story from your childhood that shaped you into a young, reasonable, modest and honorable human being.

Pick a topic that you’re really passionate about.

Find out who will attend the event, for example:

  • Your teachers
  • Parents
  • Your classmates

Ideally, the speech should touch everyone, but that’s not always possible. Depending on your topic, figure out who is your “target group” and what is the message you are trying to convey.

Start with a relevant story. Spend a few minutes walking your audience through a journey you’ve had. Explain the context, the beginning of the story, the culmination and the lessons learned.

Turn that to an inspirational or an educational story. You should either teach them a lesson, or emotionally charge them with a vibe that resembles your feeling and stance on the topic.

In any case, just be genuine and truly invested in your idea. That emotion will inevitably touch everyone in the room. Write down your core topic and 2–3 supporting stories or conclusions. Come up with a relevant story at first and a wise conclusion at the end. It will be worth it.