WordCamp Hamburg

I’m leaving for Hamburg in an hour and I’ll be presenting at WordCamp Hamburg over the weekend. I haven’t practiced my Deutsch in years so I hope that I could pick some phrases back and even learn something helpful from the German speakers in the next few days.

Additionally, I’m looking forward to the Contributor Day on Monday and I’ll be happy to help the local community with their first contributions to WordPress.

If you’re attending WordCamp Hamburg, don’t forget to say “Hi”, or “Hallo” or even “Guten Tag” 🙂

4 thoughts on “WordCamp Hamburg

  1. Thank you for coming! We are honored to have you as a speaker and are very excited about the first contributor day in Germany. Thanks for all your help!

  2. Hi Mario,

    on this weekend was no timeframe for me and the WC in HH. Maybe I see you later on WC Europe. But as small hint, you should present your session about debugging in english language, is much helpful for a lot of people.
    I wish nice talks and contacts!

  3. Hey Frank,

    I’m sorry that you’re unable to join Hamburg, we have quite a lot of people attending and it’s really fun. And my debugging talk has been presented at London, Norrkoping and WordSesh so there are a few videos with it, I believe 🙂

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