Theme submission steps – presentation

The WPORG theme reviewers’ mailing list got an interesting email from Chip where he shared an awesome SlideShare presentation. The reviewers are volunteers and they help each other with technical and philosophical questions on the WordPress platform, best practices designing and structuring a theme or a framework, obsolete and modern functions, security and more. It’s a great pleasure getting in touch with these guys and sharing experience.

About the presentation – an anonymous (at least not popular reviewer or theme author) speaker has shared on SlideShare this great walkthrough for creating a theme from scratch and all the important steps starting from naming the theme and ending with the appropriate theme_support features and the plugins for theme validation at the end. It’s more than 200 slides and it covers the Theme Review and the Unit Test guidelines from the WPORG website.

There it is:


P.S. I’ve been exploring the reviewing steps of WPORG and some premium template markets and I’m really surprised on the difference between the approaches of the reviewers. Some of them focus on security and stable platforms, others – on design, third – best practices and top notch features. A theme author has to find his or hers top qualities or cooperate with other partner in order to cover any requirements. If that’s not a challenge, than what?


Your thoughts?