Back from WordCamp San Francisco

I'm back from my WordCamp San Francisco 2014 tour and I'm genuinely excited after meeting close to a thousand WordPress community members over the past few days. The magic of WordCamp San Francisco is impossible to describe unless you've been there at least once, and if you haven't - I'd definitely suggest you to plan for it. However, WCSF with it's scale would not exist in the same form and from 2015 this would be WordCamp US (or USA), hosted somewhere else and ready to accommodate more than 1500 attendees given the growth pace over the past 9 years in San Fran. [caption id="attachment_9688"… Continue Reading

Deployment Environment and Toolkit, and Automation

Mark Jaquith gave a great talk at WordCamp San Francisco called "Confident Commits, Delightful Deploys". It was quite helpful as many developers in the WordPress ecosystem are not used to setting up a proper environment for development, including: IDE, debugging and profiling tools, automatic server setup, proper version control toolkit, VM setup, browser testing services and so forth. Part of that was covered by Mark: Hearing that from the Don Draper of WordPress I would definitely give his tips a try (if you're not using them already). Don't forget to check few other talks on deeper engineering (toolkit or code-related) -… Continue Reading