November 19, 2013 Community

Setup Large WordPress Projects at WordCamp Porto

I had a trip to Porto for WordCamp Porto earlier this month and I gave a talk on my experience with “WordPress Setup for Large Projects“. Porto is a great city with an active community from Portugal (Porto, Lisbon and other cities too) and it was a pleasure to hang out there for a few

October 21, 2013 Development

Local Setup of Multisite on LAMP

I had some issues this month setting up locally several multisites on LAMP so I’ve decided to draft my complete flow for further use (and get other opinions on it as well). The sites were different in nature, some were running on Apache, others – on nginx, running on subdomain or subfolder-related structure. Placing the

August 15, 2013 Community

Deployment Environment and Toolkit, and Automation

Mark Jaquith gave a great talk at WordCamp San Francisco called “Confident Commits, Delightful Deploys”. It was quite helpful as many developers in the WordPress ecosystem are not used to setting up a proper environment for development, including: IDE, debugging and profiling tools, automatic server setup, proper version control toolkit, VM setup, browser testing services