Kill The Intro or Branch Out

With the growing audience of 11,500+ and counting, maintaining a steady newsletter flow gets harder than ever.

Different subscribers join via different channels.

  • When I present at a startup event, founders and tech leads jump in.
  • After Flippa’s events last week, a handful of investors subscribed.
  • Speaking at Ecommerce podcasts (or interviewed in newsletters) tags DTC founders or Shopify agencies.
  • A viral post on my consultancy blog attracts fellow consultants or SMB business owners.

We know the premise of niching down and how critical finding the Product Market Fit is, identifying the ideal client profile, and so forth.

Yes, it’s absolutely valid when you’re starting out. But after 24 years of building web solutions and optimizing digital properties, and running teams for 15 years now, having trained over 10,000 people, launched 7 companies, and served audiences starting from high-school students to Fortune 500 founders – there’s a broad suite of tips I can help with.

And I’ve segmented the current newsletter delivering bits and pieces in the main categories – my personal tips and ramblings, my aggregated content from the web (podcasts/interviews), macro news, business news, stock/investing updates and opportunities, site acquisition/flipping, and ecommerce strategy.

But what would provide the right results for you?

Probably branching out into niche newsletters would be better, who knows?

This is what I’m asking in this weekly issue – if you can take the 3-minute survey at the top of the email before reading further, this would be highly appreciated.


My Take

✍️ WPBGUG September Meetup – For the readers in Bulgaria, we’re back with our monthly gatherings of WordPress Bulgaria User Group. This Thursday we collaborate with our long-term partners: NitroPack.

✍️ WordPress AI Summit – Join me and 20 other expert speakers this Thursday and discover how to actionably optimize your WordPress workflow using AI for development, marketing, and design.

✍️ CMO in eCommerce – Wednesday you can have the opportunity to be a part of our exclusive conference that aims to support eCommerce leaders in elevating their online stores. Our panel comprises seasoned eCommerce CMOs who have firsthand experience and understand the difficulties involved in running and growing successful online stores.

✍️ Countdown to Christmas RetailToday – For this week’s article from Retail Today: E-commerce companies can enhance their holiday shopping season by prioritizing the post-purchase customer experience. Key strategies include enabling real-time order tracking, implementing reasonable return policies, and more.

Newsletter Recommendations

📧 The Average JoeMarket trends & insights that are simple, concise, and impactful. This newsletter stands out to me due to the 200,000+ audience that go through market trends and ideas together.

📧 The Early Bird – А special 7:00AM newsletter for those in the US, who feel to be at an information disadvantage. This newsletters covers early stories, that will impact the market every day.

📧 Morning Brew – Аn absolute classic, the Morning Brew delivers top news from a business-minded angle, and deliver it in a short, easy-to-read, actionable, and entertaining way.

Business Strategy

📄 Amazon Prime Day October 10th and 11th – Amazon has announced that its Prime Day sale, called Prime Big Deal Days, will take place on October 10th and 11th. The event offers exclusive discounts to Prime subscribers, but other retailers often offer similar deals, and price-matching policies are available, making membership not necessarily required for good deals.

📄 Possible US government shutdown – The White House has directed federal agencies to prepare for a government shutdown as House Republicans have failed to come up with a viable funding plan. The shutdown appears imminent unless Speaker Kevin McCarthy can convince his hard-right Republican colleagues to approve a temporary funding measure to prevent disruption of federal services, leaving the fate of military pay, food aid programs, air travel, and other vital services uncertain.

📄 Young Adults in the US in their parents homeOne-in-three U.S. adults aged 18 to 34 live with their parents, with the majority of Americans viewing this trend negatively. In contrast, many young adults in Europe, especially in southern and eastern regions, also live with their parents, with young men being more likely than young women to do so across both continents.

📄 ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak – OpenAI is introducing new voice and image capabilities in ChatGPT, allowing users to engage in voice conversations and show images to the chatbot for more intuitive interactions. While the voice function offers realistic human-like conversations, the image feature can analyze various types of images, with both functionalities aiming to assist users in daily tasks while ensuring safety and respecting privacy.

📄 Reddit New Contributor Program – Reddit is updating its Gold feature, allowing users to purchase and award gold directly by long pressing the upvote icon, with awarding options ranging from $1.99 to $49.00. Additionally, the platform is launching a Contributor Program where eligible users, including moderators, can earn real money based on their contributions to Reddit, determined by the karma and gold received on their posts.

Global News

📈 In the last six months, FactSet reports a approximately 1.4% increase in the combined projected earnings per share of S&P 500 companies. Sales expectations have seen a slight rise of less than 1%, while profit margin estimates have also experienced a slight increase. This growth in profit margins can be attributed to the alleviation of pressure on companies’ profitability resulting from increased employee compensation.

  • S&P: 4,273 (-1.47%)

📈 The central bank decided to hold firm on another hike at its September meeting, indicating it anticipates interest rates to stay higher for longer and that it’s not done fighting inflation just yet. “Until inflation goes down to the Fed’s target of 2 to 2.5 percent, do not expect rates to move lower,” says Derek Egeberg, a branch manager for Academy Mortgage in Yuma, Arizona.

  • 30-year mortgage rate: 7.75% (+0.20%)
  • 15-year mortgage rate: 6.89% (+0.09%)

📈 JPMorgan CEO warns 7% Fed rate is still possible. U.S. rates at 7% could push the U.S. economy into a recession, triggering risk aversion in financial markets.

  • The difference between 5% and 7% are more painful than the 3% to 5% was.
  • These comments came amid view that Fed nearing end of tightening.

📰 This week’s news comes with possible government shutdown and the end of a historic strike:

  • WGA strike will come to an end at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, after both sides agree to a tentative deal, the union says.
  • Senate introduces a bipartisan bill to keep the government open through Nov. 17, but its fate in the House is unclear as GOP hard-liners oppose a short-term bill.
  • New York judge rules former President Trump committed fraud and lied about his net worth for years.

Investing Updates

If you’re more interested in networking opportunities, you can visit ISTAcon in Sofia on October 12th. In any case, let’s have a look at this week’s offers:

  • Taskbase – raising €3,000,000 to expand its artificial intelligence-based personalized learning platform with global clients. 
  • Unison – raising €225,000 to scale its plant-based snacks in a $5.8Bn market. 
  • Statinf – raising €1,000,000 to scale its statistics modeling services for embedded systems.

Note: Got a round going that you want to feature – your own business or a portfolio company? Get in touch.

Last week me and other entrepreneurs did the first-ever Flippa meetup in Sofia, where we discussed selling an online business, acquiring, or simply what Flippa is all about. Have a look at some options: 

  • High AOV Barn Door Store – This eight-year-old store sells custom-made, rustic sliding doors and barn door kits to a loyal customer base. It offers a high profit margin of 46%.
    • Monthly Profit: $7.9K
    • Annual Revenue: $204K
    • Average Order Value: $413
  • Portfolio of Sewing Blogs – Two complementary sites that strategically generate profits across multiple revenue streams. They count over 3.6M combined views and operate at a profit margin of 96%.
    • Monthly Profit: $11K
    • Monthly Page Views: $300K
    • Age: 7 years
  • Networking Hardware Content Site – This three-year-old business operates in the unique niche of networking hardware and Internet Service Providers, offering tips and reviews on products. Monetized through ads and affiliate sales, the site generated a TTM revenue of $185K, with a 93% profit margin.
    • Monthly Profit: $14.4K
    • Monthly Page Views: 334.2K
    • Authority Score: 41

Need My Help?

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