Document Feedback for WordPress

Most large knowledge databases online provide a large amount of articles ending with a small text block: “Was this resource helpful?”, which is pretty handy for site owners to decide on most and least valuable posts.

Since WordPress is a CMS heavily focused on blogging and content creation, the new Document Feedback plugin is the solution to these problems in the WordPress context.


Daniel Bachhuber from Automattic had this plugin started and I realized that had been a missing functionality in the overall plugin repository at the moment. I was lucky to get several commits of mine into the plugin codebase thanks to GitHub and their collaborative platform making development much easier. 1.0 is now out!

In addition to the frontend dialog, there is a simple backend with a pie chart of positive and negative feedbacks per post, listing the last comments as well. The plugin could be used for any custom post type depending on your requirements.

If you are a VIP or Enterprise customer, you’d be able to use that plugin in your hosted environment. The plugin is also used in the VIP documentation portal! For self-hosted users, get the plugin on or GitHub (links above, bug reports and feature requests are crucial for the future development of the product).

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