Digital Signatures And PDF Signing

I am working on a project that requires PDF signing through a website. The current infrastructure includes Apache + PHP website available. What we need to achieve is integrate the digital signature module of a user visiting the website and sign the required files. One of the most appropriate solutions after the negotiations was signed applet that signs PDFs. The steps for the project creation are the following: Create an applet Create a certificate to sign the applet via keystore tool (if root CA's are not available) Sign the applet (allowing read/write access to users' hard drives) Create a REST implementation that could read/write to… Continue Reading

How To Create Unique Passwords For Every Site And Remember Them Easily?

In general It's an algorithm that could be applied almost everywhere and requires no special skills. First of all, lets define the cons and pros for you so to be able to chose whether you would get the advantage or not. Cons depends on the particular site at some point (changes dependant) requires few seconds for thinking (depends on complexity of your own algorithm) Pros absolutely and undoubtedly unique algorithm. The base is clear, the implementation is on your own. could be extended or tuned if needed - flexibility is everything no need of keystore or Internet connectivity hardly guessable if… Continue Reading