How Should Job Applicants Include WordPress Knowledge In Their Resume?

If you want to steer clear, drop your plan of including your WordPress knowledge in your resume.

There are two possible scenarios:

  1. The business won’t benefit from you having experience with WordPress so this would be relevant to the job application
  2. The business may require some proficiency in WordPress and you would want to clarify your level of experience to avoid ambiguity

It’s hard to “gauge” your experience with WordPress, being one of the reasons this question is tricky in the first place. We get hundreds of CVs mentioning WordPress every month but since we’re a development agency, it’s an important keyword many rely on getting noticed.

And yet, half of them can’t tell a WordPress dashboard from a bank reporting software.

If you’ve spent 20ish hours as a part of a VA job or playing with a blog of yours, you can mention “Basic experience using WordPress” or so. If you’ve installed some sites for friends and family, searching for plugins and themes, digging into hosting panels, you can be “promoted” to a “WordPress power user”.

WordPress development is in demand so you want to avoid sending the wrong signal — Don’t Call Yourself a Developer If You Don’t Code