Why Isn’t WordPress Taught at Schools And Universities?

I’ve taught WordPress for several years in a high school, a couple of universities, and several training academies. Currently, I’m negotiating another short training (24–30 hours) in a couple of months from now that I would like to launch for free on YouTube for the general audience, if the private university permits.

Generally, schools and universities often focus on theory and the big pictures in their field. When it comes to computer science, most universities focus on algorithms, computer architectures, data structures, mathematics, basic programming or languages such as C++ and Java which are among the top 5 most popular programming languages. Those solid foundations allow students to leverage their skills and continue their education in web technologies, desktop or server development, mobile applications, machine learning, AI, embedded development etc.

WordPress is also a software itself. Despite of the fact that it powers 27% of the web, utilizing it properly in a programming context requires PHP, JavaScript and SQL experience (often not covered in schools), among some front-end development techniques. Covering everything would be a lengthy set of courses that would take quite some time, which makes it harder to include in the curriculum just like that.

But as other folks mentioned in this thread, there are indeed progressive school and universities teaching WordPress and producing young entrepreneurs who can bootstrap their online business or join a web agency thanks to their formal education.