What Are Suitable Hosting Providers For a WordPress Website With 150K Monthly Views?

Our clients are SMEs and fast-paced startups generating between $5M and $100M in revenue, with some popular enterprises generating over $10B.

We have worked with most managed WordPress providers such as Flywheel, Kinsta, WP Engine, Media Temple, SiteGround (to name a few).

Over the past couple of years we’ve migrated several of our customers to Pagely. Pagely are a managed WordPress hosting vendor for high-scale solutions hosted on top of the AWS infrastructure. They provide a set of security and performance layers on top of their platform framework that have been optimized for speed and reliability.

Our websites hosted there generate between 250,000 page views and 20,000,000 monthly views.

We have seen performance improvements when migrating from other hosts right after the migration. Our agency provides ongoing development and performance improvements in our retainer plans but it’s not uncommon to gain about 20% performance gain just from moving to Pagely before we start refactoring the codebase. We’ve had a couple of websites loading for 14 seconds dropping down to 6–7 seconds after a migration as well.

We’ve hosted a couple of WordPress multisite networks, several magazines, a membership website and an WooCommerce shop there as well. Pretty solid uptime and overall great load times as well.

Some of our clients have tried other vendors before moving to Pagely as well. We’ve had various problems with uptime, handling a large number of concurrent visitors, supporting some third-party scripts or extensions, or integrating services that run seamlessly on top of Amazon Web Services. Handling automated deployments through capistrano are also a consideration which requires ssh (which some vendors don’t really offer).

In terms of reliability, we’ve been pretty happy with Pagely so far. They handle the initial migration and onboarding in order to fine tune the server setup in an optimal manner suitable for the type of website. We’ve managed to setup staging environments for multisites, offloaded media to S3, integrations with dozens of 3rd party service providers and more.