What Tasks Await Those Who Switch to a Career in SEO?

Have you been thinking about switching to a career in SEO?

Your previous job profiles might have also required analytical thinking and understanding of human behavior which is great.

But, the majority of the work conducted in SEO is more technical

SEO tasks usually include activities such as:

  • Link acquisition (research, outreach, placements)
  • Reviewing raw reports and analytics on a regular basis
  • On-site coding updates – markup, schema tags, sharing snippets, writing meta titles/descriptions, internal link building, formatting for SEO
  • Competitor research
  • Content strategy planning
  • Optimizing landing pages with the corresponding long-tail keywords and target phrases
  • Keeping in touch with best SEO practices and recommendations by industry experts and media announcements (and whenever Google decides to share something publicly)
  • Page speed reports and optimization suggestions
  • Execute tests continuously and measuring results
  • Working together with other teams – tech, creative, content – on relevant initiatives

If the tasks included in the list sound appealing to you, and if you can transfer some of your former background, you’re definitely good to go.

Otherwise, switching careers can be very challenging and may require thorough on-the-job training and immersion. This is particularly true if you are planning to join companies that have niched down in order to cater to a more specific market. When this happens, your tasks will also become even more varied and specific, and most of the time, unchartered.

Having the passion to learn is key. Are you ready to learn new things that could be far different from the things you were used to in your previous career?