What Is the First Step in Achieving Your Goal?

Set a hard deadline that is realistic.

This is the only required step for achieving a goal. As long as the goal is achievable, you allocate enough time, and ensure that there is no way around it—it will happen.

  1. Do you want to be able to do 80 push-ups and you can only do 20? Set the goal in 6 months from now, sort out your eating and training habits, and you will make it happen.
  2. Are you eager to study programming and land a job? Allocate 18 months, study for a full-year, browse for the right way to get invited to interviews and you will get there.
  3. Are you interested in spending 3 months sunbathing on an exotic beach? Evaluate your career and income, set a goal, work hard, save cash, figure out where you can apply later. Done.
  4. Do you want to work for a remote company? Shortlist the companies, assess their requirements and expectations, set a deadline, study hard, keep in touch with company reps and make it happen.

As long as you do not aim for the stars over the next 2 weeks, achieving a goal is a matter of gaining the right skills or expertise and hitting the target.

There are some booster strategies that could help as well.

  • Sharing your goal publicly or with your trusted inner circle will lead to a major disappointment if you procrastinate and fail.
  • Giving $1,000 (or another lump sum that matters to you) to a friend that you would receive back only after the goal is achieved in time may help, too.
  • Joining a community of others who aim for similar goals may be motivating as well.

People generally procrastinate because they are not laser-focused on their goals. They are lower on their list of priorities. They dream of a quick win without putting the time and effort into winning.

A well-defined goal provides direction, enhances motivation, allows for effective planning, and enables the tracking of progress. By ensuring that goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound, you can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving them.

A clear goal definition is not just a preliminary step; it is a critical component of the journey towards successful goal realization.

Transform your mindset and your goal would become a reality.