What Types of Music Work Best When In A Creative Zone?

I’m pretty sure it’s a personal preference for the most part, but I have a couple of suggestions for the types of music work best when in a creative zone.

what types of music work best

While you’re in the creative zone — coming up with the content, editing for better readability, gathering stats — avoid lyrics. Lyrics are generally distracting unless you’re listening to a very, very familiar song and can ignore them.

You’ll end up listening to the song. This will inevitably slow you down, and you may miss some opportunities.

During the publishing phase, considering you’re posting in different networks or groups, or scheduling a list of posts in Buffer, aim for a good, rhythmic song or a playlist. Repetitive tempo will help you follow the same pace.

I mainly listen to different types of metal (alternative, thrash, sometimes melodic death/black) but I switch to house/trance for my creative work. Some of my peers rely on jazz or classical music, though I find it distracting as it’s less repetitive and more nuanced.