Impact Of Lack Of Punctuality On One’s Professional Life


It won’t last too long. The problem with the lack of punctuality takes various forms:

  • Delivering past deadlines
  • Being late for important meetings
  • Potentially failing a meeting with a client/partner (even at lower level roles)

This automatically triggers a red flag with a bright label, all caps, stating “UNRELIABLE”.

Being able to depend on someone is crucial.

Even with punctual folks, delays happen. Unexpected surprises. Exceptions.

Lack of context. Misinterpreting an assignment. Belated deliverables from a third-party.

Which is why even the best companies have infrequent “delays” for external reasons. Sometimes, this may be sick leave or another unexpected scenario.

But delivering on time 20 times and being 5-minutes late for one is negligible.

Being consistently late and unreliable isn’t worth keeping you around.