How to Overcome the Blogging Platform Stereotype Before WordPress Platform Development?

During our enterprise sales meetings, we often use presentations tailored to the needs of the business, including case studies, showcase entries and established/reputable international brands using WordPress. We have provided numerous WordPress-driven solutions for the automotive industry, a couple of banks, several platforms generating over 10M page views a month, a number of SaaS applications and more.

The best way to demonstrate the potential of WordPress is utilizing the real world cases from websites generating tons of traffic or handling massive volumes of data. In certain cases, we focus on specific integrations with 3rd party systems or solutions such as ERPs or CRMs as well.

Our team of WordPress programmers consists of 6 WordPress Core developers as well. That’s a good selling point when compared to every other WordPress site builder or people with little to no experience in customizing themes or plugins.

We have over 50 patches available in the WordPress Core spread out in over 10 consecutive major releases. On top of that, we’ve launched over 30 open source plugins and a bunch of themes for the community, sponsored a number of events, presented at over 20 WordCamps and meetups.

We’re reusing some of our slides or videos for client pitches as well along with the data from some of our internal products and projects.

Large brands and enterprises often point out potential problems with WordPress security, lack of reputability in the marketplace or any certification authority available, loose processes, regular updates, marketing oriented toward small businesses and the like. I’ve enlisted the main obstacles that Enterprises report during sales meetings and how we tackle them during negotiations and while building a roadmap for a high-scale project.

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