How to Create a Job Board Website on WordPress?

As someone who specializes in WordPress for quite some time now, I am biased but I will recommend WordPress in this case.

The problem with hosted solutions is the lack of flexibility when your project starts growing. Setting up a basic job board on top of WordPress is fairly straight-forward if you utilize a plugin such as WP Job Manager . Hosting the WordPress site itself will be under $100 for a basic shop (or about 2 months worth of subscription for your alternative).

Obviously, growing your business will require a lot of work in over to maximize your brand awareness, potential, and revenue opportunities. You would need design and dev work but this wouldn’t be a major problem until you start generating over, say, 5K visitors a month (or even more).

A WordPress website may provide you with additional opportunities for monetizing your job board as well, such as:

  • Flexible options for pricing (both for employers, and prospects)
  • Different lead generation capabilities within your website
  • Offering premium content (or copy behind a paywall which may even be social media shares for additional exposure)
  • Monetizing through paid case studies or interviews with employees
  • Offering ebooks or other components that are shared with your paid users in a different plan
  • Creating a membership program
  • Adding a hiring/getting hired course program for paid members
  • Including eCommerce for books or other resources that would help employees