How Do CEOs Remain Fit While Running Successful Businesses?

Umaid Fahad Iqbal’s take on how busy Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), business people, or entrepreneurs remain fit is a must-read.

His answer to the question is three fold.

  • Health plays a major role in everything and it must be a priority
  • Fitness is subjective and is not always how it is marketed
  • Being healthy is about the choices we make

I will add a couple of extra points.

CEOs spend a good chunk of their time in motion—between important meetings, interviews, PR events. Unlike full-time software engineers—and other relevant roles—they are not tied to a chair for 10 hours a day.

I know CEOs who have met business partners, vendors, and employees at the gym, during a football game, and organized meetings in the park. Combined with a healthy regime (food and sleep), this helps a lot.

CEOs capable of delegating can free up their time for mission-critical activities and ones that amplify their reach, generating high ROI. Strategic calls can be led while driving or walking around, combined with meetings in a coffee shop a few blocks away.

Running a successful business requires a number of traits, discipline being a strategic one

The more disciplined business leaders and professionals are, the more they can free up time, reduce conflicts and issues that can happen due to burnout, and be able to free up more time for fun activities. 

This is why following a regime, in the long run, is not an insurmountable activity, compared to everything else going on.

Develop discipline in your organization and not only within yourself, and you will be able to encourage everyone else around you to be motivated and fit to work, collaborate with other team members, and aim for the organizational goals you have set. 

Motivated and fit team players, in return, serve as extra help to CEOs and can definitely help bring more ROI to the business.