Do Job Postings With Salary Range Work Better?

Job Postings

We certainly have seen more applications coming in after announcing a salary range for certain roles.

This isn’t quite common for most roles out there. There are two specific benefitsto doing this:

  1. More applications, as mentioned.
  2. Ensuring that the applicants will fit the salary requirements.

Sadly, this approach comes with various negatives:

  1. Poor brand perception unless the salary is really high. Nobody wants to be perceived as “cheap”.
  2. Receiving a larger volume of applications from interns and juniors aiming for this range.
  3. Missing out on candidates who may fit a different level of seniority or a role.
  4. Due to #2 or #3, defining ranges is complicated. Many companies are open to different configurations based on the interviews. It may be worth paying a bit more for a senior and a mid-level than two mid-levels.
  5. Missing decent talent that ranks a higher paycheck first, regardless of any other factors.
  6. Payment expectations at interviews are always near the top 10% of the salary range.