Can I Use Drag-and-Drop Themes for WordPress Development?

Themify, most fancy premium themes, and most page builders are meant for solopreneurs, inexperienced business owners and freelancers who want to earn a quick buck for a site that won’t generate any traction anytime soon.

The market for providing “site builder” services with no additional value is generally oversaturated. You can probably get a new small project every now and then, but don’t expect to make a living off it unless it’s your main focus where you can find a specific niche that you can serve better than others.

A proper solution would still require additional services such as content marketing, SEO, SMM, optimizing for a higher CRO, user experience and the like. If that’s your passion, you can build a small digital marketing agency profiling in those services for starting businesses.

If you’re actually passionate about PHP and want to use WordPress, aim for professional PHP development. WordPress is a great application framework that powers 54% of the top 100 companies in Inc 5000. We’ve been maintaining and growing large multisite networks, SaaS solutions and magazines generating over 20,000,000 monthly views on top of WordPress.

There are various opportunities for plugin developers, programmers specializing in migrating custom solutions to WordPress, performance experts or security folks with WordPress background.

A proficient PHP developer can easily switch between platforms and frameworks as well. If you want to take on a Laravel or Symfony project, the learning curve would be lower than if you specialize in PHP development.

Pick your battles wisely.