Do Business Names Starting With The Letter “A” Have Any Advantage?

Does it still matter what letter do business names start with? Back in the day, the yellow pages were a strategic source for generating prospects for a business.

However, this was a common hack 30–40 years ago and most businesses no longer rely on this traffic source.

Nowadays, you’ll likely find leads via:

  1. Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  2. SEO (Google, Bing)
  3. Events and Tradeshows
  4. Email marketing
  5. Referrals
  6. Meetups and smaller industry events
  7. Lead targeting and generation tools
  8. Online communities, groups, forums
  9. Blogging and guest blogging
  10. Webinars
  11. Quora or Reddit

None of those channels relies heavily on the alphabetical order of business names to put precedence on a business over another one.

Even when sponsoring an event, the order tends to be organized by “sponsor package” first and a random combination such as “first come first served”.