After WordCamp Oslo 2013

It’s been a great WordCamp this weekend in Oslo, Norway – WordCamp Oslo 2013. My expectations at first were not extremely promising, mostly due to the fact that Oslo is the most expensive city in the world and the weather is unbearable for most warm country inhabitants, but the event was actually incredible in terms of the program, location, party planning and networking at all.

Special thanks to team Metronet for organizing the WordCamp, hosting the pre/afterparties and even being open to guests for the days before and after the weekend so that the foreign visitors could do some extra networking or work from their cozy office. It would not have been the same without the Metronet support over the past few days!

Oslo Frederick Townes

I had a 20min talk on JavaScript for WordPress developers, time was incredibly insufficient and even though I continuously cut slides for a few days, I did a ‘lightning talk’ not in the sense of 5min presentation, but in terms of speed – and since the video is not up yet, my slides are here and my raw notes while making the slides (I used to follow a guide of mine for preparing training courses and seminars and I still do most of the time).

Looking forward to meeting all of the fellows attending the event and the Metronet folks at the next local WordCamp. It’s been great spending time with all of you from Friday through Monday, discussing latest WordPress trends, helping with the charity project, squashing some bugs and resolving compatibility for several themes and plugins.

Oslo venue snow

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