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consultants pricing

January 29, 2021

Why Do Only a Few Consulting Companies Prefer Value-Based Pricing?

Different consultants price their services differently. Here is how most of them base their pricing on the following common structures: 31.37% of consultants charge per project  23.38% of them bill hourly 17.30% go for value-based fees 15.40% prefer to be on monthly retainers 12.55% of consultants charge on a day-to-day basis Most consulting companies do

business names

February 14, 2020

Do Business Names Starting With The Letter “A” Have Any Advantage?

Does it still matter what letter do business names start with? Back in the day, the yellow pages were a strategic source for generating prospects for a business. However, this was a common hack 30–40 years ago and most businesses no longer rely on this traffic source. Nowadays, you’ll likely find leads via: Social media (Twitter,

how do you negotiate a raise

November 8, 2019

How Do You Negotiate A Raise For $2?

How do you negotiate a raise? Let’s review the different factors that determine the probability of a possible raise. Percentage Increase How much is $2 of your hourly rate? If you’re earning $20/hour, that’s 10%. But, if you’re charging $10/hour, that’s 20%. If you’re charging $4/hour… Well, you get the point. The average reported annual

Resource List for Digital Agency Owners

March 22, 2019

Resource List for Digital Agency Owners

“Digital agency” is quite broad as it may entail a broad set of services. Creative, web development, advertisement, SEO are also digital in a way. We generally follow a diverse number of sources as we need help in different areas – from marketing and sales through HR and product management, to technology, branding, and design.

Jobs Turning Into Freelance

January 9, 2019

Is Freelancing The Future Of Jobs?

We have several full-time employees hired through Upwork who spent the first couple of months believing they are full-time freelancers. Is This Freelance At All? The question is: If you’re engaged in a full-time capacity, with a regular pay, somewhat standard business hours, working closely as a part of the team, equally tackling the same

June 24, 2018

Is Web Development In a Marketing Team/Company Any Different?

Is the marketing department the core of a marketing agency, a random type of business, or a tech company? Most companies vary a lot – but I’ll try to outline my experience in each case. Marketing Agencies I’ve worked with hundreds of marketing agencies over the years. The smaller ones (< 20 people) generally profile

June 21, 2018

Why Most Marketing Retainer Contracts Don’t Last Longer Than 3 Years?

There is no single correct answer that applies to all businesses out there. Some companies go bankrupt. Businesses adjust their budgets on a regular basis – so employing the same agency may no longer be applicable. Clients may hire an agency that isn’t suitable for their type of work (or the size of the business).

June 15, 2018

What Are The Main Blockers for Part-Time or 100% Remote Employees?

There are different forms of remote teams, such as: On-site teams that allow telecommuting 1–2 days a week. On-site teams where a few folks tend to work remotely often. Distributed teams with offices in different areas (where the majority of the folks work). Remote teams with a centralized office and a number of people working

June 11, 2018

Why Leadership Is More Important For a Technical Software Lead Job?

That’s a somewhat common requirement for larger technical organizations, some startups, and businesses employing 40–150 people. There are different reasons why it may be a good idea. Resource optimization From a purely practical standpoint, the 50–50 option means that you hire a single employee for two “different” positions. When running a small company (or a