WordPress custom pagination

When designing a theme pagination is required for listing of posts on the index page.

WordPress, by default, presents only the ability of one to use “Previous page” and “Next page” – which might be enough to navigate through the archives but is however incomplete and annoying. The standard navigation has <<, >> and numbers for the current page and the pages before and after (at some range).

One of the best solutions I have used is the Kriesi Pagination. Kriesi is one of the top sellers on the ThemeForest market with over 25 thousand sales at the moment of this writing. He has been polishing his themes and scripts for the past 2 years on TF which led to highest quality with the latest trends applied in his themes.

Once the function is added in functions.php or whatever your codebase is executed from, the navigation could be called pretty simple:


There are two parameters – for number of pages and range. The rest is styling.

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