Personal Development

Personal Development

The Personal Development Guide for Executives

The key to optimal professional development is personal development. Business executives, managers, and even employees who want to thrive in either the enterprise or startup world must be ready to take on the lifelong process of learning and growing as a professional.

Resilience is among the mandatory traits for both business and career growth.

Regardless of whether you’re striving to be a successful entrepreneur or an exemplary employee who wants to climb up the career ladder across management and director tiers while sustaining loads of work, weekend deliveries, and personal responsibilities, your resilience is one key trait that will see you through many hurdles.

Unlock your greatest potential by going over the resources I have put together on personal development.
I can vouch for the strategies and principles included here as most of them are the products of my years of habit-forming exercises and mindset training which I believe are instrumental to where I am now.

Introduction to Management

The essentials in managing a business

16 Most Important Soft Skills For Success

In a world of cut-throat competition, people are always looking for ways to get ahead. From school kids to college students, working professionals to housewives and entrepreneurs, everyone is realizing the need to have better soft skills. There are several essential skills that can help you develop your personality and serve as critical elements for your career path. We’ve prepared the 16 must-have soft skills critical to professional success. 

Eight Leadership Skills to Develop in 2022

The great resignation which started in April of this year has impacted most of the world. The tenure rates have decreased dramatically, and retaining people has become even harder than it used to be before. In order for companies to stay afloat and lose as few people as possible, leaders have to develop certain skills throughout 2022. Let us go over each of these skills.

Top 10 Business Advisor Skills Your Company Can Benefit From

Gaining experience is not a solo adventure, and learning from the best is a shortcut that many people underuse. There are others who discredit consultants for not owning an actual business (or any business at all), However, consulting a company with 1,000 employees would otherwise require a similar background as a business founder. It is extremely complicated and just a handful of people have ever done that. Here are the top 10 business advisor skills that your company can benefit from.

11 Strategies to Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills

In the business context, it could be new ideas, new products, new market solutions, new models for generating revenue, new growth strategies, or anything else that gives you a competitive advantage to your colleagues, your staff, or as compared to your main company competitors.

6 Ways Bredogenerator Improves Your Communication Skills

Lack of training in a certain part of their brain is the most common reason why some people struggle with communicating. People who are creative find it hard to grasp the logical half of the communication process while those who are logical are able to dig into the facts but lack the ability to weave an engaging story.

22 Self-Improvement Areas for Effective Leadership

In this piece, I will uncover some of the most important traits that we look for when hiring intrapreneurs and top talent internally, as well as the main areas to work on with individuals and managers for professional self-improvement across different organizations.

Critical Thinking Strategies for Business Leaders

Critical thinking is a powerful skill that’s applicable in both daily life and running a business. However, managers and executives are in charge of large budgets and diverse teams. Irresponsible business decisions and ignoring risk management can harm a group of people and their families, in addition to other areas of business (partners and vendors).

6 Traits Of A Great Manager And Top Tips To Develop Them

A lot is expected of a successful manager. After all, they have already proven themselves on more than one occasion before. And though managers were not born perfect, they need to have some considerable skills to lead a team and drive a project forward. Let’s dive into each of the following skills and discuss what makes them paramount to becoming a respected manager at work.  

The Complete Motivation Guide: How to Be Intrinsically and Extrinsically Motivated

Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation work differently in the brain. Intrinsic motivation comes from within the individual, while extrinsic motivation comes from external factors. Here’s how to increase your motivation overall—with several simple-to-follow steps around goal-setting and growing engagement.

22 Ways to Have More Energy (And Boost Your Efficiency)

To help combat fatigue and hibernation for peers in my network, I’ve compiled the techniques I’ve implemented personally in my life—tried and tested—that helped me increase my energy levels over time (which is pretty important with my 90-hour work weeks). And while you’re undoubtedly familiar with many of the techniques that help you gain energy sooner, and faster, here’s a tactical list you can even print out as a reminder on your desk.

How to Stop Procrastinating: 15 Effective Leadership Strategies

Fighting procrastination is one of the key goals while undergoing different training courses in relation to motivation, building discipline, productivity, or time management. Let’s dive deeper into the problem and uncover the possible steps to getting the job done (figuratively and literally).

12 Productivity Frameworks And Tools For Effective Management

Productivity matters the most when school and work are back on track and students and employees together hunt for the Holy Grail in productivity. Acing that class or earning this Q4 bonus are strong motivating factors for getting the most out of your life — and here’s what we will cover in this productivity guide. This is a compilation of my own strategies and tools that I used to perform at my best, and techniques I’ve learned from industry leaders and productivity trainers over the past 15 years.

How to Get Better at Asynchronous Communication

Allocating your time and creative juices on just whatever and whenever you feel like it can be great. However, in most business dynamics, you can’t really escape the reality of having to sync over client meetings – as well as handle communications following requirements in different formats (such as video drips, email threads, screencasts).

5 Reasons Why Multitasking Actually Works (And Supplements Focus Mode)

If you consider multitasking a type of skill that you value, it is best to try to kill multiple birds with one stone which is going to help you achieve better results in no time. Your employees’ multitasking may actually even help you. Just invest time in training them on their productivity instead of being burdened with it. Now, let us reveal a few examples of when multitasking actually works.

32 Techniques for Stress Management

Stress management techniques have been explored in different depths, but access to information is limited—or at least, distributed sparingly. The inability to manage stress effectively can lead to further mental conditions and even physiological outbreaks. Here’s what you need to know about stress and how to cope with it over time.

Managing Interruptions And Boosting Work Performance During Crisis

Enter the world of interruption science. Different studies under interruption science report that interruption during productive hours may take 15 to 45 minutes for the employee to get back on track, fully focused on their assignment. Lifehacker bets on 23 minutes and 15 seconds. Let me share with you 6 tips that will help you and your team gain more focus amidst several interruptions while working.