WordPress Sales and Project Management Advice

December 30, 2019

WordPress Sales and Project Management Advice

Highlights 00:32 – Managing Several Client Requests02:56 – Distributing Hours for Cloud Development04:36 – Handling Delays In Client Feedback06:56 – Charging Clients and Pre-Establishing Payment Calendar10:55 – Working With Local vs International Clients Transcript Hey guys, it’s Mario Peshev here. I’d like to share some thoughts based on questions in my mentorship group. Essentially we

what does a digital consultant do

May 31, 2019

What Does A Digital Consultant Do?

When I mention that “I’m the CEO of DevriX and I’m a Digital Consultant”, I often get asked, “What does a Digital Consultant do”? In a nutshell, Digital Consulting is an activity that connects business strategy to implementation across different digital fields (think web design and development, marketing, PR, server scaling, branding). How are digital

problem with your boss

May 17, 2019

Sharing A Known Problem With Your Boss

If you are a proactive team player, sharing problems and concerns should be a common practice. Sometimes, your manager or the CEO of the company is fully aware of the problem. The logical question is: Why do we have to deal with it? It may seem trivial, but recognizing a problem is different from finding

May 10, 2019

How To Pick The Right Candidate For The Job

Would you hire a slacker or a slow worker? Imagine someone who leaves early and slacks a lot but tackles emergencies once they come up. And then the obedient worker arriving at 8 am who stays late in the evening but can’t help with #priority tickets, outages, or other forms of critical tasks. I know

How to maintain clientele

February 4, 2019

How To Maintain Your Clientele

Instead of doubling down on marketing and sales, never neglect your existing customer base. A happy customer is your best investment to date. After successfully closing a deal, the best you can do is discovering ongoing opportunities to grow their business. That’s what helped us grow to 45 folks at DevriX and generate 95% of

manager and developers

December 12, 2018

Project Managers vs Software Engineers?

Try to attend a geek conference and check the heartbeat of developers in the breaks. You’ll inevitably hear at least a few battle stories from projects gone wrong due to mismanagement or interpersonal conflicts within a project. 👊 At least the engineering’s perspective. Then again, what does it take to manage a team of engineers?

startup considerations

November 28, 2018

Startup Considerations While Doubling Your Headcount

Growing rapidly sounds exciting – but is it really? I was recently asked, “What happens when your business doubles?” 💯 We’ve managed to pull a 2x growth a couple of years in a row, and aiming to grow by about 60% or so this year alone. And I’ve always viewed recruitment as a strategic endeavor

managing web agency - chris lafay

September 14, 2018

Building And Managing a Web Agency — YouTube Live With Chris LaFay

So Chris LaFay and I connected on LinkedIn after interacting there for several months. We literally bumped into each other while texting on LinkedIn as our messages arrived within the same second. So, for our first chat, we picked the video format, and discussing our background in starting, building, and running agencies, along with the

best policy for hiring

September 1, 2018

Full-Time Employees, Freelancers, Agencies – Pros and Cons

What are you supposed to do when you need special digital work whether it be marketing, web development, design or etc.? There are three common options that you can pick from: Hiring a full-time employee Hiring a freelancer Working with an agency I have been a part of all three. I have been an employee,