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Work For 80 to 90 hours And Perform Like A CEO?

April 16, 2019

Why Would Anyone Want to Work For 80 to 90 hours And Perform Like A CEO?

What are your hobbies outside of business hours? A few popular answers to this question: Watching TV series all day long Traveling around the country (and abroad) Binge-eating all sorts of delicious food Now imagine you were getting paid for that. Full-time. No regular job, that’s what you have to do for a living. You get

Management Consultants as Startup Founders

March 2, 2019

Can Management Consultants Be Good Startup Founders?

Traditional management consultants (and advisors) are MBAs who have spent a decade or more in the corporate space. I’ve studied 500+ of them and over 80% fell in this category. Funnily enough, this is mainly dictated by the background of “management consulting”. This isn’t a popular title in the startup ecosystem and most founders haven’t gone through

June 30, 2018

How to Negotiate Pricing as a Freelance Web Developer?

There are generally two categories of freelance development activities: Affordable ROI-driven Freelancers often try to mix between both models and often fall back into the first category instead. Unless you demonstrate professional capacity which could contribute to the business, you’ll likely be compared by price instead of value. I’ve discussed the value-based pricing in detail

June 13, 2018

Is Freelancing a Better Career Path Than Product Development?

Both approaches are feasible – although they require different strategies and a certain type of mindset for each endeavor. Freelancing is selling your time for delivering a service. It’s an active engagement that is directly related to your involvement and time spent on a project. If you have a client and a project in hand,