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how do some people travel

April 12, 2019

How Do Some People Travel Without Ever Working?

Mostly, false perceptions and misguiding social accounts that showcase a life of “rainbows and unicorns” don’t exist. You’ll be surprised to realize how many fake influencers there are. In fact, there are some who rent small studios for an hour just to take a couple of selfies, hijack dinners with celebrities, master Photoshop, you name

December 17, 2018

Building a Personal Brand (For Employees) — Case Study

Our team is distributed, and one of our remote employees is a web developer.  He’s skilled and can (generally) tackle most challenges. However, we do have occasional problems with delayed milestones or miscommunication that’s adding to the overall cost of retaining him as a part of the team. If he was a completely random and unknown person,