Wijmo Widgets – jQuery UI based widgets

I was contacted by Packt Publishing to check out a small reference book on Wijmo Widgets. Since I've been playing with different JavaScript libraries and APIs over the last 2 years I decided to give it a try over the holidays. I was specific for the fact that I haven't tried Wijmo before and I'd gladly throw some hate here if it doesn't make sense at all to me. Before I start, as an Open Source advocate I'm obliged to say that the library is free to evaluate, but it's meant to be used in premium projects - i.e. paid… Continue Reading

jQuery UI problems since 3.5.1

WordPress 3.5.1 landed about 3 weeks ago, since then I have had several emails, direct messages and contact requests for fixing different site-related issues, such as: I cannot drag widgets on my Widgets page My TinyMCE is not displaying on the Posts page My theme/plugin dialogs are broken My X functionality (say slider) behaves in a weird way And so on. Usually, using a smart browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) you are able to open the JavaScript console and get a warning related to JavaScript - either a jquery-ui related file, or tinymce.php related one, or js.php and something… Continue Reading