Small Business Accelerator

Only apply in the following scenario:

  • The business has no digital presence yet or a heavily neglected one (ancient website, no social media followers, you name it)
  • A traditional service-based business providing traditional services (plumbing, roofing, construction or maintenance services, real estate brokerage, pet sitting, bookkeeping, painting, lawn care, cleaning, hairdresser/manicure services, etc.)
  • Clear packages and pricing (you know what you offer and how much it costs)
  • Target clients based in the US (this is important for paid campaigns and lead identification laws)

Our small business pilot will include:

  • A light website refresh (nothing fancy, but a working site that clearly outlines the value proposition)
  • Conversion-optimized copy
  • 2-3 landing pages to run experiments against
  • Social accounts with a content calendar to start brand awareness (and later, retargeting)
  • Light campaign boosts to get some traffic out the door
  • Additional accounts for analytics and conversion tracking (Google Analytics, Clarity, Hotjar, Gamera, whatever else we need)
  • Q&A with you – the founder – on key success areas you’re best suited to serve

Specific business lines may benefit from additional tools we need to sign up (freemium ones) that would require a business email to sign up for.

NOTE: Our standard development packages start at $3,600/mo and marketing plans also start at $3,000/mo. This pilot program is FREE for 5 small businesses we want to help while testing new funnels and campaign strategies as part of our mix. The 5 businesses will NOT be charged anything in the first 3 months and will receive free hosting/website access over the first year.

Use this submission form to apply for the program (applications open until Jul 15):

Small Business Accelerator Form

What’s your business name? If not incorporated yet, use your brand name (we’ll advise on LLC incorporation with doola)
What sort of services does the business offer (industry you operate in)?
Number of years in business – 0 to 20
Please enter a number from 0 to 20.
List down any business social accounts or directories – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, TikTok, Clutch, TrustPilot (if any), or personal ones used for promotion before
What are the main services you offer in the business? Explain the main revenue driver, key solutions you offer, and what i the unique selling proposition of the business (price, location, customer service, response times, anything else)
How much business can you realistically accommodate if we send some traffic your way in the coming few months?
Feel free to share anything extra that would help shape a better campaign – company size, revenue, existing competitors, what strategies have you tested yet, etc.