WordPress and Internet Marketing

Around all possible discussion of WordPress and Internet Marketing, there is a single valid true statement that explains it all.

WordPress and Internet Marketing have a single thing in common.

It’s brutally easy to get into each one of those. And start making money with them, even.

The difference is between the level of a beginner and an expert. It’s just as easy to find a “marketing expert” who has absolutely no idea how does the Internet world work, as is to find a regular WordPress developer online.

Being able to install WordPress through Softaculous and calling yourself a WordPress expert is the same as posting a link on a Facebook page (or creating one) and call yourself an Internet marketing guru.

The insane thing is that most customers buy that. Or even, they would accomplish everything that they want with anyone in the range of beginner through an expert (but the price varies a lot, naturally). If a business owner is not interested in receiving the best quality, providing the top-notch content to the users, implementing the best toolset to accommodate all sorts of potential clients together with the lead capture forms and opt-ins, then they don’t need a high-end agency to build their entire technical and marketing ecosystem.

They are not interested in their business development at all.

It’s just like all those projects for “I want a Facebook clone”. It’s straight forward building a Facebook clone, technically-wise. There are numerous open source platform like Elgg that would even inherit the look and feel of Facebook. Alas, the clients forget that tiny little fact that, having a feature-complete platform is not the same like managing millions of users and hundreds of millions of posts, and scaling the infrastructure respectively.

This is what makes WordPress and Internet Marketing so common. Everyone does them, just a few know what they actually do, and companies are usually unaware of the fact that a website or a Facebook page doesn’t run the business by its own.

Your thoughts?