Brain Workout and Bredogenerator

My multitasking regime is notorious, and I’m quite used to switching context all day long, doing five and more things at a time.

While this may be a tough process to follow, one of the reasons I’m capable of accomplishing that is my brain workouts started a while ago with the Bredogenerator exercise.

I blogged about that on WP Elevation in my guest post – Master Your Communication Skills With Bredogenerator.

The Bredogenerator is a great system that could be practiced anywhere – just like a game, which you could play solo, or in a group. It’s a great brain practice that develops both your logical and creative halves of your brain, allowing you to get out of the box, present alternative realities, vividifying objects, virtually going through time and dimensions.

The benefits of using Bredogenerator are noticeable after a few weeks of regular training, and could seriously improve your communication and negotiation skills, boost your imagination and make you more productive.

If you are the type of person who is in self-development, trying different sleeping regimes, brainstorming patterns and willing to improve your skills, check it out. It’s pretty easy and even entertaining, and my definite replacement of other mind games for keeping my brain up to speed on everything.

3 thoughts on “Brain Workout and Bredogenerator

  1. I’ve never heard about it. I usually play chess to improve my concentration and sharpen my mind. However, sometimes I feel like it is taking more from me than it is giving back when I play for hours. I’m lost in the game. It’s an entire new world for me.

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