Major Fears That Keep People From Starting Own Business

Starting Own Business

What are the major fears that can keep people in their jobs when they really want to start own business? Every single person who had ever started a business knows all the grind it comes with.

You work 80–100 hours a week for years to come, and becoming profitable may take 6–12 months, if not over a couple of years.

Sure, lifestyle businesses or freelancing may work. You have to deal with the feast and famine cycle all the time, negotiate over delayed payments, purchase all sorts of equipment or software yourself. There’s no guarantee at all, of course, especially in competitive markets (like web design/development or marketing).

Even if regular employees read success stories by billionaires or actionable tips on starting a business in blogs like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, they usually have a few people in their network who went on their own. Some made it after sacrificing their lifestyle or jeopardizing relationships. Others still recover from the journey after starting a regular job just like everyone else.

While success stories are heavily promoted by media, people are usually smart enough to realize the fact that success doesn’t come easy. Dreaming about the thrill of “running the show” and “being your own boss” is exhilarating — but not beyond the reality of paying your mortgage or rent and relying on your monthly pay check.